WTRC Policies

Children’s Running Policies


Age Group Policy

Age Group Policy
0-3 Not allowed to run in WTRC races
4-6 Allowed to run in the 1 mile races; not allowed to run in races farther than 1 mile; must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times
7-9 Allowed to run in any race up to and equal to 2 miles; must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times
10-12 Allowed to run in any race up to and equal to 4 miles
13-15 Allowed to run in any race up to and equal to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles)
16+ Allowed to run any WTRC race


Registration policy

  • There is no race day registration for any WTRC Race.
  • Please use the online signup method, even if you’re not sure you will be there. The online signup always expires 2 days prior to race day at 6pm (except for our 3 “t‐shirt races,” which expire 3 days prior at 6pm).


Bib/Chip Pick‐up policy

  • Bib/chip pick‐up expires 30 minutes prior to every race.
  • No runner will be allowed to pick up their bib or chip after the pick‐up table closes. Volunteers need ample time to get the chip system ready for the race to start. Plan on arriving to the race site early to have time to park and pick up your bib and chip. Races will start on time.

Race Course Policies

  • The WTRC does not allow strollers, roller blades, pets or bicycles on the race course.
  • It is highly recommended to not use headphones while on the race course.
  • Line up at the start according to pace. People who expect to run faster than 7 minute pace should be allowed to line up at the front of the pack. Slower runners and walkers should line up in the back.
  • Do not change your race distance during the race. For example, you are signed up for the 5 mile race at Loop the Lake. You decide ½ a mile into the race to do the 2 mile course instead. Do not cross the finish line mats. If you do so, your time will register as the winning time of the 5 mile race. This causes delays in getting awards presented and results posted.
  • Contact David Higgins, d_higgins69@hotmail.com, prior to race day to change your race distance. Distance changes cannot be made on race day.
  • Stay alert during the races. WTRC courses are NOT closed and therefore a traffic hazard is always present.


Race awards policy

  • Race awards and t‐shirts will only be available for pick up at the race in which they are given.
  • You must be present to receive your medal or award.

Volunteer policy

  • Race directors have the option to reject volunteers if they have enough already. Don’t wait until the end of the year to get your volunteering credit for the Challenge Series as you may not be accepted as a volunteer.
  • You must volunteer during the entire race to be counted as a volunteer for the Challenge Series. You must also notify the race director of your intent to volunteer at their race. This is the only way volunteers are kept track of.

Be courteous & have fun!