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Presidents Cup 4M(3.7)

Running The Ropes17 by David

Running The Ropes 2017 by Suzan

Tour de Muleshoe 2017

Annual Social/2016 CS Awards


Running the Ropes 2016-Pt2-byDavid

Running the Ropes 2016-Pt1-bySuzan

Running the Ropes 2016-Video

Brandon Birdsong on KAMC!!

January Club Social/2015 Challenge Series Awards


BSL Triathlon, Part 1 of 4

BSL Triathlon, Part2

BSL Triathlon, Part3

BSL Triathlon, Part4

Running The Ropes, Part1

Running The Ropes, Part2

Running The Ropes, Part3

Annual Social / 2014 CS Awards


Beer Run Photos
Beer Run Photos, part 2
Annual Social / 2013 CS Awards
Wayland Wellness Run-Photos, part1 of 3, by DH
Wayland Wellness Run- photos, part2 of 3, by Suzan
Wayland Wellness Run- photos, part3 of 3, by Suzan



BSL Triathlon 70.3, Mile2-Run Course, by Suzan
Wayland Wellness Run, Part1 by DH
Wayland Wellness, Part2 by DH
NM/TX Challenge, Part1 by DH
NM/TX Challenge, Part2 by DH
NM/TX Challenge, Part3 by Suzan
NM/TX Challenge, Part4 by Suzan
Annual Social/2012 Awards – by David & Suzan



Race For Wishes- by David & Suzan
Panhandle Marathon by David
Panhandle Marathon – Pt2, by David
Panhandle Marathon – Pt3, by Suzan
Panhandle Marathon – Pt4, by Suzan
Panhandle Marathon by George Jury
NM/TX Challenge – Part1 by DH
NM/TX Challenge – Part2 by DH
NM/TX Challenge – Pt3 by Suzan
NM/TX Challenge – Pt4 by Suzan
Year-End Celebration Banquet, by Jim Harris
Year-End Celebration Banquet, by Suzan



Cal Farleys Boys Ranch Rodeo Run, by DH
CF Boys Ranch Rodeo Run, by Suzan
BSL Triathlon – 70.3
Meadow Mile 2011 – 1M & 5K
Larry Byrd-70th Birthday
Trooper McDonald Memorial Run, by Suzan
Challenge Series Banquet-2010, by Suzan



Cal Farleys Boys Ranch Rodeo Run 2010
Lubbock Senior Games 2010 by Suzan
Tour de Nowhere 2010
Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon Photos 2010 
Meadow Mile 2010 Photos 
’09 Challenge Series Banquet (New Link) 



Tour De Nowhere’09..
Ransom Canyon Run’09 Video on YouTube..
BSL Triathlon’09 (New Link) 
WTRC-2008 Highlights:”Year In Review” (New Link)
Challenge Series Banquet 1-23-09, by Suzan (New Link)



Red Ribbon Run’08 (New Link)
BSL Half Ironman Triathlon ’08 by DH and SC
Girlstown Gallop’08 pics by Jesse Pape
Girlstown Gallop’08 by DH and SC (New Link)
Lamesa’s Great H.O.G.G. Race ’08(Snapfish)
Challenge Series Awards ’07



Red Ribbon Run ’07 (New Link)
Senior Games’07-5K/10K 
Girlstown’s Tour De NoWhere 2007 (New Link)
Challenge Series ’06 (New Link)



’94-‘2011 WTRC – Misc Archive photos 
More WTRC Archive Photos(And Videos) on Shutterfly
1995- Breaking The Barriers 5K- with Results


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